VOCALOID – 妖糖-千刹

Cosplayer : @妖糖-千刹 Ptg : @所在 Char : 雪miku Title : VOCALOID - Milk

Overlord – Albedo

Title: Overlord Character: Albedo Coser: Hane ‧ Ame 雨波 Photo by 冰鮮綠 - Nanami

Fate/Extra – Saber Nero

Character : Saber Nero Anime : Fate/Extra Cosplayer : Chihiro-千尋 Photo by L子&萌哥 Moe Photography

威尔-Will- and MirrorStudio風牙

Kizuna AI by 小柔SeeU Photo by 威尔-Will- and MirrorStudio風牙

Fate/Stay Night – 上白泽关关子

Series: Fate/Stay Night Saber by @上白泽关关子 Sakura by @Rainight魈雨 - Anyuu

Cinderella Girls – 瓜希酱

Series: The [email protected]: Cinderella Girls Character: Shiki Ichinose Cosplayer: @瓜希酱 Photo: @鞘師的Kiraben - Anyuu

Date a Live – 鬼祈Oni Inori

Series: Date a Live Character: Kurumi Tokisaki Cosplayer: 鬼祈Oni Inori #Yasu

Fate / Grand Order – 米修米修子

Series: Fate / Grand Order Character: Cosplayer: 米修米修子 #Yasu

Fate/Extra – Coser大萱/真的小夜

Anime : Fate/Extra Saber Male : @Coser大萱 SinaWeibo : Saber Female : @真的小夜 SinaWeibo :