DIY Replica Food Kit – Strawberry ice cream 食品サンプルキットさんぷるん イチゴアイスクリーム作ってみた!

2 years ago

DIY Replica Food Kit Sample’n- Strawberry ice cream.
This is not edible.
Replica foods: a tradition of Japanese food culture.
In the majority of restaurants in Japan, they put plastic food displays in their front window in order to display their menu in an easy to understand way.
This kit gives you a simple way to experience making these food displays.

食品サンプルキットさんぷるん イチゴアイスクリーム作ってみた!

元祖食品サンプル屋 食品サンプル製作キット さんぷるん アイスクリーム イチゴ

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