Mana Aizen’s Ore no Bijo-ka ga Tomaranai!? manga

8 months ago
Mana Aizen's Ore no Bijo-ka ga Tomaranai!? manga is getting a live-action series adaptation. Actor Raiku will play the role of Haruomi Saitou, the protagonist of the story.
Haruomi Saitou, a college student staying in an exceptional property with a rent of 10,000 yen in Tokyo, will live under the same roof as Kokono, a beautiful woman. However, Haruomi discovers that all the people who live in the residence work in a crossdresser cafe bar, everyone dressing as women, including Kokono, who is also a man.
Haruomi is encouraged by Kokono to work there, whereupon he begins his new life working at the Spicador coffee bar.

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