Weekly Shounen Jump #51 (11/21/2022)

1 year ago

01. Angou Gakuen no Iroha c01 (Color cover and main pages, New series by Nisio Isin <Story> and Yuuji Iwasaki <Art>, 54 pages) 02. Sakamoto Days c96

03.One Piece c1067

04. Ichinose-ke no Taizai c02 (Colour Center, 25 pages)

05.Witch Watch c86

06. Ao no Hako c78

07. Boku no Hero Academia c373 (Center Color)

08. Nige Jouzu no Wakagimi c87

09. Boku to Roboco c114

10. Akane Banashi c39

11. Undead Unluck c136 (Center Color)

12. Ginka to Glüna c11

13.Hunter×Hunter c395 Bottom 5

14. Dai Tokyo Oniyome-den c12

15. Koukousei Kazoku c111

16.Mashle c133

17. Yozakura-san Chi no Daisakusen c155

18. PPPPPP c58 Absent: Black Clover c344 and Ruri Dragon c07 (Hiatus)


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